Monday, February 2, 2009

Conversation between my in-laws

Gotta love the grandparents...

Today they stopped in for an impromptu visit which the boys loved and it's always good when Papaw is actually out of the house.  They had been to a funeral home visitation and Papaw decided to recount it while Conner was listening (please keep in mind he has some level of dementia).

Papaw:  Momma who was dead at the funeral home?

Nannie:  Daddy that was so and so's son John Doe.

Papaw:  Well, did he kill himself?

Nannie:  No daddy he died because he had cancer.

I can see the wheels turning in Conner's head but no questions have been posed...yet.  Of course Nannie and Papaw seem to be oblivious to any of this.  Thankfully Conner didn't ask any questions but I am sure it will resurface when I least expect.  I decided to take that opportunity to inform the grandparents that our first trip alone and away from the kids (for me at least) does not involve the need for their childcare but they will be staying with friends.  No direct correlation of course with the above conversation but I feel good about our decision.  

On the other hand we did celebrate the Yant's 50th Anniversary on Friday night with 65 family and friends.  It was a major triumph that Papaw was in attendance for his own party and I believe he actually had a good time.   Here's a few of us on Friday night.  Thanks to all who came out and for all the help from my sisters-in-law for helping me get this thing together.