Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This really says it all.

Conner had a great first day which of course would not be complete had it not been preceded with drama. On Sunday he woke up with 102 degree fever which I convinced myself believed was due to a sinus infection from nasal congestion he's had for a couple of weeks.  So a trip to the minute clinic and three doses of antibiotics later he woke up feeling great and ready to go to school.  I broke the 24 hour fever rule but I feel I had no choice.  He just possibly couldn't miss his first day of kindergarten.  So hopefully none of the other moms at Conner's school will do a google search for us and realize I potentially endangered all their kids.  And hopefully I don't have my child on antibiotics for a virus.  Oh well.

Conner was up at 6am ready to face the day.  He was dressed with teeth brushed and ready to leave by 6:15.  He asked every 5 minutes how much longer until we leave (7:15).  I, in the meantime, made a from scratch apple tart for breakfast that no one ate one bite out of.  

So Conner did well but I know you're all really wondering how I did.  Well, I did great too.  Or I least I think I did.  I've been depressed about it for a month now so I figured if I got it all out of my system then on the big day I wouldn't be a blubbering idiot.  And it seemed to work.  I was on the verge of crying when we were about to leave and I just went on out and was fine.  I did tear up today as I dropped him off in the line which by the way is what he wanted us to do yesterday.  He was fine to go in by himself and leave us in the drop off line so we compromised and I dropped him off in the line and then parked and brought all his supplies in and took the requisite pictures and video.  

So here's to Mom getting used to our new reality and bouncing back among the living.  I'm so proud of my boy.