Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishing with the Gators

We were not sure what to make of Hilton Head Island but after a few days we seemed to get a hang of it and had a great vacation, overall.  Other than us getting less sleep than at home due to us four sharing a room (I won't even go into how that happened) and Camren becoming carsick to and fro it was nice.  

I enjoyed riding bikes on the beach and elsewhere the most.  But bike riding is too mundane for this adventuresome family.  Andy's favorite was the alligators.  Steve Irwin was reincarnated in my husband and it was a tad bit scary.  Scarier still was that he thought we had little Bindi Irwin's in Conner and Camren.  They were dangerously close (in my humble opinion) to 3-4 foot long alligators during their fishing excursions (which often garnered a crowd of incredulous onlookers-- you'd think that would be a clue?).


Note the proximity of my children to the bank...alligators are lurking below!  
At least they have their bike helmets on...