Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is a new low...

Hubby somehow injured his man part region yesterday, presumably playing his fourth round of golf in a week however the pain didn't develop until last night when he got home and started walking up the stairs.  Of course I feel terrible about his pain since he was hurting terribly and had trouble walking and even turning over in the bed last night but on the other hand he is so stubborn and didn't want to go to the doc today despite his INTENSE pain. Well, Camren had his 18 mo. checkup this morning (which went great BTW) and what did hubby do other than say "hey Dr. Brad I need to get some free medical advice" and then proceeds to discuss his pain while the kids and I watch the doc and hubby touch themselves (not THAT way just in a medical way but STILL) and discuss all these "man issues." 

A few words come to mind like cheap, inappropriate or maybe I should just think resourceful.  I guess I could check to see if Dr. Brad is taking new patients since hubby apparently has a rapport with him :)  Or I could chalk it up to being delusional in his old age since my dear hubby will be 35 tomorrow.  Happy birthday sweetie!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't know how to say this

but I've been cheating on my blog.  His name is Twitter.  I was really resisting his temptation but I finally gave in and now, well, you all know what happens.  You say you'll keep in touch but it hasn't really worked out that way so look for me on Twitter but I am committed to updating this blog albeit maybe even less frequently than normal.

We actually had some drama that did take up time and energy for a few days and you can catch up on that here:  bobbyyant.blogspot.com

On the immediate home front both boys are fabulous and just amaze me and make me feel more blessed each and every day.  We updated from the small baby pool to a slightly larger baby pool and the boys really are enjoying it.  The boys take swim lessons the third week in June.  Also take note of the inflated suit Conner has on in the ten inch deep baby pool.  But he thinks it's cool and that's all that matters.

Conner starts preschool two days a week on August 4.  Yes, I know it's only 2 days and he already goes to Mother's Day Out one day week but this is real school!  At first I was anxious and really having the typical "mom" response but now I am adjusting to the idea that my little one is growing up and ready for the challenge of something more than my meager efforts here at home.  Now that I really think about it the biggest adjustment will be for me getting him up and fed and dressed and at school by 7:40...AM.  Not to mention doing something similar with Camren although I'm sure he'll still be in his pajamas most of these mornings.

Camren is a sweetheart and very loving but also very strong willed and not afraid to throw something should he not get his way.  I am amazed at his verbal skills given Conner was a late talker and Camren has said more words at 17 months than it seems Conner did by 2 1/2.  I guess that's a good example of modeling an older brother.  

We are hoping to actually take a summer vacation this year in July but the jury's still out on that one.  I'll keep you posted!