Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazing Tweet

I always feel the need to apologize each time I write a personal blog piece because I neglect this blog so much.  But it is what it is and as I've mentioned in previous posts I feel like I cheat on this blog with my little friend Twitter!  It's so much easier to put down snippets throughout my day of my happenings, thoughts, gripes, inspirations, etc. than to make/find the time to write consistent blog pieces.  As my friend Kim Becker told me, your blog is like a travel scrapbook.  Yes, it seems I only write posts about our trips.  Well, guess it's better than nothing and at least I'll have a nice compilation for my family because heaven knows I won't be doing any physical scrabooking of ANY sort.  And besides I can only aspire to write a blog as witty and funny as the aforementioned Mrs. Becker, so why even try? But I digress...

So speaking of my dear friend Twitter, today I read a really amazing tweet from actress, author, humanitarian Ashley Judd.  This is the text of her tweet, forgive the title of the linked post:

@AshleyJudd: a thoughtful read - how those of us w/ mental illness are depicted in relationships, from @BitchMedia:

I was really touched by the phrase "those of us w/mental illness".  Mental illness is near and dear to my heart so I am always impressed when a celebrity lends their "name" if you will to the cause and hopefully the greater goal of erasing stigmatism.  I wish more work was being done now and wish more work had been done in the past so people like my Mother who have suffered with the stigma of being "crazy" could've been embraced more along their journey.  Their are more "crazy" people out there that I'm sure most would care to admit and if there were less stigma then certainly more would come forward and seek help.  My husband likes to say the only difference betweem his family and mine is that mine are diagnosed!  Well to an extent that's true and more prevalant than most realize.

So kudos today to Ms. Judd for sending that tweet.  You made one person proud today and I hope made many others think about their own lives and loved ones with your statement. 

Also, that tweet reminded me that I have not yet read Ashley Judd's book All That is Bitter and Sweet so it's now downloaded to my iPad and I'm ready to curl up and get started reading it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

One Bad Mother 4th of July

My brother-in-law operates a fireworks stand.  With 2 small boys and a pyrotechnic leaning daddy this equals trouble.  Going to the fireworks stand was like their own piece of heaven on earth.  It was interesting observing the various firework products.  They all have interesting names which I assume makes them more marketable to certain segments of the population.  Well, anyway, now that Conner is 6 and reading he really became attached to one product in particular.  One Bad Mother...

It was quite hilarious.  Conner would say when our we going to get...One Bad Mother.  I hope Uncle Bobby doesn't run out of...One Bad Mother.  I can't wait to shoot...One Bad Mother.  It was funny how he said it in casual conversation in a totally innocent context.  Although, I think next year just to be safe I will be reviewing the inventory in advance of our visit to the fireworks stand.

We enjoyed a nice homegrown fireworks show on 41-A in Sango.  It was loud and stinky and I wouldn't recommend it as your only form of fireworks celebration for the 4th but my boys enjoyed it and that's what matters.

BTW...Andy has a new camera that needs some work on the focus...

Prior to that, we kicked off the long weekend with the Steele's and our usual cookout/pool party at G's parent's house in Joelton.  As of last year, we added a fireworks show in the mix.  This is where the pyrotechnic leaning side of my husband emerged.  I'm not a huge fan of the DIY fireworks anyway and this year sealed it for me.  An errant firecracker came my way and hit be in the back as I was ducking for cover.  Not cool.  And Toddler Steele is forever scarred as a result of being inundated with fireworks as soon as he woke from his nap.  

And I guess I can back up prior to that and mention the early start to our weekend was a lovely overnight trip to celebrate Andy's birthday.  We had a great time at Evins Mill.  It makes for a nice one or two night getaway that's close to Nashville.  We hiked, read on the porch and had some great fresh food.

Looking down and over from the side of the falls...

Carmack Falls was gorgeous

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer is Flying By!

Well summer is in essence halfway over for us.  School has been out about  a month and starts back on August 1st.  We had a great start to summer with a trip to south Florida. We really enjoyed our trip and it was probably one of the most "normal" family experiences I've ever had with my family in my life EVER. For those of you that know my background I hope you're happy to hear this news because I'm sure happy to share it!  For those of you that don't know my background then maybe one day I'll write a memoir and fill you in :-) 

Tonight is the first night the boys have been in bed before 8pm since school let out. We've been busy with VBS and get togethers all summer thus far. Conner tests for his next belt this week in karate.  He calculated tonight that he'll have his Little Dragon black belt one year from now. That seemed to give him some renewed enthusiasm about karate.  

We're also entering what I call "birthday season" next week with mine and Andy's birthdays eight days apart with 4th of July in between. So I'm already mentally preparing for the ensuing gluttony!  Guess I better prepare physically and increase my workouts too...

After birthday season we'll be on the road again for summer work conferences - one in Chattanooga and the other in Scottsdale, Arizona then exactly one work after returning from all that travel school starts.  In the meantime, I'm going to try and savor and be present for each moment that's left of this summer. Hope you and yours are finding some time for fun and family this summer too.  

**I originally wrote this last week.  Blogpress on my iPad has not been kind to me in trying to post.  But at least now I can add some pics from our trip to Florida since I didn't have those on my iPad.  Birthday season starts later this week and Conner now has his blue belt.

It was a long 8 day vacation...we needed some TLC before getting on the plane :-)

Camren. Doug, Mom, Thomas and Conner