Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blogging for Mamaw

I have been intrigued with blogging for quite some time now especially since I enjoy reading my friends, Kim and Melany's blogs but I had never really been inclined to start my own.  Well, as a tribute to my grandmother who was the queen of keeping everyone informed and in touch with each other I have decided to do my best to continue the tradition albeit in the digital age.  My grandmother was very good at calling and keeping in touch with all of her friends and family, even back to Kentucky with friends from over 30 years ago.  I think more people know about what's going on with me than I know about myself because my grandmother loved to share what's going on in our lives!   My grandmother not only enjoyed keeping in touch via phone but she also starting using email back in 2000.  At her memorial, several people mentioned how much they are going to miss getting her emails.  

My blog may not be as witty as some others and could be quite boring at times but it is my attempt to memorialize my grandmother in some sort of constant way.  I know she would've been the first to read it and I know she would be proud.  She was the love of my life and I miss her so.