Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Fun in the Sun

Andy with Hank and two jealous boys!  
Andy rocked Hank right to sleep and was able to boast that he "still has it".

Too Many Gone Too Soon

I can't believe how I have been so caught up in all this media coverage of people I never knew.  Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billie Mays, Steve McNair...they are celebrities but they are just people like the rest of us and each of them has a story and families with their hearts breaking.  I guess that's the hard part - it's being reminded that we all have this common thread no matter who we are famous or not; it hurts just the same.  The media coverage just amplifies their stories and makes it all the more mysterious and in some ways more heartbreaking to be reminded over and over again.  I can't imagine what some of these families are going through on top of just dealing with the normal grief process but also having to play it out in the media.  

It's bad enough just walking around my house and seeing reminders of my grandmother but imagine everywhere you turn in newspapers, magazines, TV, internet and seeing your loved one and the reminder that they are gone.  I know there are so many other noteworthy stories to be told and many think the coverage is frivolous and of course in many ways it is.  But, again, it appeals to us on many levels mystery, celebrity, and just plain sadness because we can relate.  And we still terribly miss those we knew that are gone too soon.