Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of Summer

Today is the last full day of our summer vacation at the beach. Tomorrow is the 8 hour drive back to reality and to new beginnings. The weather is dreary outside which is much like the mood of the adults here knowing what tomorrow brings. Conner officially started pre-school the week before we left but when we get home we'll be in full swing with our new routine. Ms. Caitlin will be starting college soon and that will be a big change for us as well. Mainly a change for me and having to get better at time management again rather than being so leisurely on my outings when Ms. Caitlin was always so willing to be with my boys. Also it means less simplicity in arranging date nights with hubby. She has really made my life a lot easier these past two years but I am excited that she is continuing on her life journey and starting a new chapter herself. I have been so blessed to have her in our lives and I know many families that have not been so fortunate to have such a great, flexible, attentive sitter and now, a family friend.

OK, enough of the melancholy! Here's some footage of sweet Camren enjoying the waves.

This trip has really been a coming of age for Conner. He insists on dressing himself (with the door closed and locked) and the biggest things have been swimming in the deep end of the pool and snorkeling in the ocean. I can't believe my four year old was snorkeling in the ocean! It took him a few days to assess the situation and get comfortable (this behavior is likened to mine) but once he was ready he was full speed ahead. He went out as far as he could touch and would snorkel with the waves crashing over him looking for all the sea treasures. The trip started off slow with Conner having a 103 degree fever our first day here and a nagging cough and congestion ever since (thanks pre-school...) but overall I think both boys have had a great time.

They say that kids don't remember things before 4 or 5 and I certainly agree that's true as an adult I don't remember much of my childhood in general and especially the early years but the great thing is that they remember now. Conner has been remembering things when he was 3 that he did when he was 2 and so on. This has been really amazing because we never thought of them remembering things when they are little. I know my hubby sometimes thinks I'm crazy for taking them to do some things that they'll "never remember" but hey they'll remember it for a little while. And I know that they'll remember that we love them so.