Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter In Georgia

We had a great time at Lookout Mountain Resort in Rising Fawn, Georgia over last weekend.  I'm saddened to hear that this area was hit by the storms yesterday and am praying for all of the others that lost lives and homes.  I got some really great pictures but until I delete some files on my computer they are stuck on the camera so I'll share some shots from the iphone.  You'll have to trust that I can some really awesome shots with the Canon that my sweetie got me for my birthday last year!

We have been so busy of late that I was looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing.  I packed all of our food and except for an ice cream treat after the Incline Railway we ate all our meals at the cabin.  I think that's a pretty big feat since it's so much easier to eat out while traveling combined with the fact that I like to get out and try new places then you can tell how much I was craving to stay in one place for a couple days!

I realized about half way down that I had left a couple of bags filled with Easter basket goodies (some really good stuff too I might add ;-) so we made a brief Walmart pit-stop to add to what I did bring.  I ended up doing 2 baskets and acted like the Easter bunny was confused when they found a few more goodies when I got home.  It worked out well considering I remembered everything else for the trip including all the recipe ingredients, church clothes, play clothes, toys, bikes, helmets & fishing gear to name a few things.  On a side note, I don't think families would ever travel if not for the Mom.  I love to travel so I do it all but man it will sure make you never want to travel again wear you out but I digress.

The boys did a lot of fishing and I did a lot of reading.  We did venture out for a short trip over to the Incline Railway on Saturday and to worship service on Sunday morning.  Otherwise it was biking and walking and resting. Just perfect!  The only not so perfect part of our adventure was a trip out on the resort boat.  I use the term "boat" very loosely here because this vessel reminded me of something that holds an order of cracklins at Captain D's.  At least my boys enjoyed it and after being a good sport and taking a short trip I promptly retreated back to the comfort of the cabin while Andy took turns taking the boys fishing on the boat.  Andy did end breaking the already duct taped boat oars but still managed to let Camren get his last ride in for equal time as his brother.  Thank you for that sweetie.  Your muscles are looking better as a result.  We won't talk about the "tan" between the end of your shorts and the top of your boots.  That looks extra nice :-)

The boys also helped me drive around the resort from time to time which is a huge deal to them.  No car seats and sitting in my lap!  Such a treat for us city folks!

Also we had a visit from the tooth fairy same night as the Easter bunny.  Conner lost his 6th tooth.  He now has 3 holes at one time and could easily pass for a Nashville Predators player!  Thank goodness the tooth fairy and Easter bunny knew where we were staying :-o

Conner riding through the water and having a blast.  
Another section of water caused 3 bike wrecks (me, Andy & Conner) but we won't discuss that!