Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Middle Tennessee has gone from winter to summer once again and the boys have enjoyed the baby pool (Mommy it's not a baby's a little pool says Conner) all weekend.  Conner got his first slight sunburn on the tops of his feet...I have been super diligent about sunscreen use but we somehow missed the feet.  The boys are loving the water and the warm weather.  Conner likes to get Camren wet and he enjoys getting wet!  

The pics are as follows:

1.  Conner taking a break from cruising in his jeep.

2.  Camren cruising in his fire engine.  He is such a cutie and getting SO big!

3.  Conner cheesing with Camren after installing a "satellite dish" on Camren's house.  He was having
 trouble choosing between satellite and cable but I think he made the right choice...definitely more economical  :)  Notice the wires running behind their heads.  The wire is attached to a balloon a/k/a the dish.  He also ran water and electricity lines the same day.

BTW, I am glad that I am not the only one who doesn't like the blogger photo upload process...thanks Mel for making me feel better.  If it bugs you, it must really be a bother :)


  1. Hey Julie i miss you all too! Sorry i haven't called lately been busy and i know you know how that is anyways i miss you all and i am praying i will be able to go and visit soon i love you all and i think about you all very often:) P.S. Camren looks so big what happened to him he doesn't look like a baby anymore:( and tell Conner i still listen to his cd that he gave me almost every day!

  2. Hi! Hope to see you 2nite! The boys are adorable as always... love this time of year - we got out the "little" pool too last weekend!