Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Peter Cottontail came to our house this morning and the boys were quite pleased.  Camren got a new ball (ball, ball, ball, ball as he says many times a day) and Conner got a new bike horn and they got a bubble machine to share.  Of course there were many questions about the Easter bunny and how he gets in our house so I decided to say that Mommy and Daddy help the Easter bunny a lot since I already dread the day of telling him about Santa and all our many lies surrounding his entry into our home at Christmas.  So I didn't try to mask that I reused some baskets we already had and that Daddy's basket was the one Conner used on Saturday for egg hunting.  We had a great lunch with Melanie, Autumn and Joanna and then strawberry cake back at our house for dessert that Melanie made especially for Conner.  

The egg hunt on Saturday was during Camren's usual nap time so he wasn't as excited about eg
g hunting as I was for him...he mainly wanted to get inside the eggs and eat whatever sugary item awaited.  Conner on the other hand had no problem getting 107 eggs!  All in all we've had a nice weekend and thankfully we had decent weather.  

We also celebrated Gary and Angela's upcoming bundle of joy.  Here is a picture of Gary with one of the presents...pump and save breastmilk bags.  I think we should tell him they're not for him :)

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  1. Fabulous "C" Cottontails Boys (Camren and Conner)
    What sweet boys inside and out :)

    Julie great to see your updates again I just check it out! GMamaw is smiling in heaven on you carrying on "Her Legacy" of the art of communicating.

    Thank you for all your kindness, love, strength and support to me these last few months.

    You , Andy and your sweet boys are such a Blessing to many but especially me!

    God has put us on a journey to draw us closer to him and each other!

    I Love you... the Sweater Girl