Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beautiful Day with Camren & Exciting Travel News

So far Camren and I have walked 4.2 miles, played at the playground and mowed the grass this morning. Very productive day thus far and it's just past noon. We had a nice pizza lunch and now he is getting his nap in before picking up Conner at pre-school. We have plans to walk again this afternoon with some friends from church after we pickup Conner.

Conner has been doing really well at Dayspring Academy and we just love how he wakes up (sometimes before I'm out of bed, although I am awake :) to make sure he's not late for school. At 6:35 this morning he was worried that school had already started. He wants to be the first one there and I ever so explicitly explained to him that there's no way we'll ever be at school by 7:15 (when some teacher's kids arrive) and we're doing good to be there by 7:40. Or 7:45 really. I can't imagine him being gone five days a week next year when he is in kindergarten. This is like real life stuff - letting them go and grow. I mean when you have them at home with you and you're in a little bubble you tend not to think about certain things. Some of the things that have recently crept into my psyche are not all that pleasant which is probably why Gone Baby Gone is still sitting in the Netflix sleeve as I don't know if I can watch a movie about a 4 year old getting kidnapped. I guess I thought it would sit in my queue a little longer than it did. Now it's here and it's reality.

I am not naive to think that these things don't happen but I just really never entertain the thought of these things happening to us. But as we all know that's the first thing that's said after some tragedy. Anyway, totally didn't mean to get off on this tangent which brings us to some exciting news on the travel front. Andy and I will be going to Pestworld (international convention of bug people) at the end of this month in Las Vegas. Alone. 4 hours away via plane. Kids not in my control. Plane not in my control. So now I guess you can see why I have been entertaining some out of sorts thoughts.

The trip will be fantastic and I trust that all will go well but I do ask for your prayers for my anxiety during the last week of October! My aunt Donna will be flying in from California to visit with us during our downtime from the convention. This trip is, as a lot things still are, bittersweet due to the fact that we had planned last year for my grandmother to be there with us too (knowing the location of the convention before she passed). Mamaw LOVED Las Vegas (well any casino, really) and I have fond memories of being a 15 year old winner in Reno (they didn't card much back then) during a trip there with her for a bowling tournament as well as many other countless trips she, Donna and I took for weekends to Vegas (yes, I used to take a flight Friday night and then red-eye back to work for Monday morning). She taught us all so much about living life and this trip will be a tribute to her and just letting go and having fun. Donna and I are so excited and it will be good for us to have some much needed girl time during this trip.

I hope you are all enjoying fall. We've had a mixed bag of rain and sun but when it's sunny it's been absolutely fabulous.

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  1. Yay! I'm excited for your trip! I'm sure you guys will have a blast and your boys will be excited when you return. :) Have fun - see you soon!