Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010

So much has happened since my last post - Vegas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a new decade, two new rescue kitties...well, you get the idea. In regard to our annual beach Christmas photo please notice my new blog header. I love this photo because I'm laughing, the boys are smiling while looking forward and I know deep down that stupor on Andy's face is the one always in his head when trying to figure me out!

It's also been over a year since my sweet Mamaw passed away and I had intentions of writing about how much I've changed during the course of that time. Obviously, I haven't done that yet but in my (hopefully) improved self I'm not worried that I didn't get it done when I planned to. So here's a few words about how I viewed myself in 2009...

  • desolate
  • heart-broken
  • frustrated
  • sad
  • stubborn
  • strong
  • transformed
  • relaxed (ok, a little more so than in the past :-)
  • fun
  • connected
  • less jaded
  • full of life
But the one word that I think sums up all of the experiences of 2009 (and even some from years past) that shook me but brought me back to myself is RENEWED.

I feel good about renewal and am looking forward to a sunny 2010!

I am going to post some pics from the above mentioned events for your viewing pleasure. And when I take the time I'll add some video from my cool new Mino Flip Video that is a super small pocket HD recorder and sticks right into my USB so I should have no excuses for not taking video nor for not sharing video.

Peace and love in 2010

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  1. GREAT pic! So much personality. the boys are getting SO big! Love those flip videos! I like how your adjectives for 2009 morph into positives. Here is to a wonderful 2010 for you and yours! look forward to seeing you soon!