Sunday, July 4, 2010

Party on the 4th

So the kids are all tucked in and now it's time  Hubby is at the office doing his paperwork and I'm in bed doing mine.  We squeezed in some fun last night at a Sounds game with fireworks afterwards and we'll join some friends tomorrow for  BBQ and swimming.  In the meantime I'm catching up last week's paperwork in advance of being gone most of next week in a conference.  Hubby was elected president-elect of our state industry association so he has at least three more years involved with the board of directors.  I'm certainly happy for him but it does come with a fair amount of extra work.  

I probably shouldn't write when I'm tired because I might lean toward the negative when I otherwise might not be but I'd rather be doing this than my actual work.  

Anyway, hubby just reported that there was a clear view of the local fireworks show from our office parking lot and he felt guilty watching them without us.  Shortly I'm going to cue up the DVR and see the Nashville production as another way to delay my work.

Actually I just wanted to post a few pics of my cuties and to report that Cam finally seems to be on the road back to "normal" sleep.  His naps could still use some improvement but I'm pleased overall.  And just when he gets all the way back to normal we'll be moving him to a big boy bed and I'm sure it will all start over again.  Oh, I sure hope not!  Earlier I was thinking about my grumpy Memorial Day post and wanted to report something positive in the sleep department.

Here's the good stuff:

The boys ran the bases last night after the game...
Getting ready!
Camren zooming by

Conner with Cam in the distance headed for home

We got home at 11:15 pm which is 4 hours past bedtime for Cam but they were both awake the whole way home (45 min in the car) and wouldn't crash until they got in their beds.  Cam was up at 7:20 (which is fab for any other day) so when he woke up I brought him to our bed and this is what happened:

so the boys and I missed bible study this morning and barely got in our seats in time for worship service.  

We're now within the one month countdown of kindergarten starting so expect future posts to be sappy(ier) and weepy(ier).  Sometimes it just takes my breath away thinking about it.  But I'll save that for another day.

Happy 4th and thanks to all who maintain our freedoms.

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