Monday, October 18, 2010

Team Y Pulled it Out!

We completed an 11 mile family bike ride on Saturday morning!  I am so proud of Conner for completing the 11 miles and so happy that my knees held up while toting 30 pounds of joy on the back of my bike :-)  Conner was by far the youngest biker and he rocked it.  He only stopped twice for water on the first leg and he didn't stop at all on the last leg.  He also was breaking in his new 18 in bike.  Some of the participants were calling him a little Lance Armstrong!  I also love that we refer to ourselves as Team Y___ and we really pump up the teamwork aspect - lots of high fives, hands in the huddle and all.  It was a great family-building time.

The start was cool and a bit foggy but it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous morning.  Conner is ready to do the 31 mile trek next year.  Guess we better start training now...


Conner's post race massage

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