Friday, July 8, 2011

One Bad Mother 4th of July

My brother-in-law operates a fireworks stand.  With 2 small boys and a pyrotechnic leaning daddy this equals trouble.  Going to the fireworks stand was like their own piece of heaven on earth.  It was interesting observing the various firework products.  They all have interesting names which I assume makes them more marketable to certain segments of the population.  Well, anyway, now that Conner is 6 and reading he really became attached to one product in particular.  One Bad Mother...

It was quite hilarious.  Conner would say when our we going to get...One Bad Mother.  I hope Uncle Bobby doesn't run out of...One Bad Mother.  I can't wait to shoot...One Bad Mother.  It was funny how he said it in casual conversation in a totally innocent context.  Although, I think next year just to be safe I will be reviewing the inventory in advance of our visit to the fireworks stand.

We enjoyed a nice homegrown fireworks show on 41-A in Sango.  It was loud and stinky and I wouldn't recommend it as your only form of fireworks celebration for the 4th but my boys enjoyed it and that's what matters.

BTW...Andy has a new camera that needs some work on the focus...

Prior to that, we kicked off the long weekend with the Steele's and our usual cookout/pool party at G's parent's house in Joelton.  As of last year, we added a fireworks show in the mix.  This is where the pyrotechnic leaning side of my husband emerged.  I'm not a huge fan of the DIY fireworks anyway and this year sealed it for me.  An errant firecracker came my way and hit be in the back as I was ducking for cover.  Not cool.  And Toddler Steele is forever scarred as a result of being inundated with fireworks as soon as he woke from his nap.  

And I guess I can back up prior to that and mention the early start to our weekend was a lovely overnight trip to celebrate Andy's birthday.  We had a great time at Evins Mill.  It makes for a nice one or two night getaway that's close to Nashville.  We hiked, read on the porch and had some great fresh food.

Looking down and over from the side of the falls...

Carmack Falls was gorgeous

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