Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Anniversary to Remember

Well, I've already disqualified myself from Mother of the Year 2009 and we're only four days in but more on that later.

The celebration of 12 years of wedded bliss began yesterday with a lovely assortment of a dozen roses mixed with lilies (my favorite) followed by a great evening at The Melting Pot with Gary and Angela.  We stuffed ourselves as usual but it was well worth it.  Gary managed to polish off all of the graham cracker encrusted marshmallows and then some and we got a table with two burners which is perfect since Gary and Andy always share a meat entree and Angela and I always share a vegetarian entree.  The two burners really work out nice for this plus we (the girls) get a more exotic cheese and chocolate offering than the standard cheddar and milk chocolate that the men prefer.

This morning started without incident and after church I thanked Jason Malham for taking the kids this afternoon while we could go home and nap.  Of course, he hadn't actually offered to keep the kids but since they already have four kids I figured that two more wouldn't make much difference.  As it turns out, Camren probably would've been better in the care of the Malhams today.

Despite the balmy 60 degree day in Nashville this morning (the weather has since changed dramatically), Andy, Conner and myself were chilly while eating lunch.  We turned on the gas fireplace and warmed up quite nicely.  We had all been playing in the floor and hanging out when it was time for Conner to get ready for his nap.  I turned off the fireplace and we were headed out of the living room when Camren managed to be unattended long enough to go over to the fireplace and touch the hot glass door.  I saw all of this happening in slow motion but couldn't get to him before he placed his sweet little hands on the glass.  

After cold water immersion for as long as we could stand the screaming, tylenol, motrin, valium (oh, that was for me - just kidding, though I wish I weren't) and a nice Sunday afternoon phone call with Dr. Brad discussing 2nd degree burns, Camren is now doing much better.  He cried for an hour and a half but thankfully followed it up with a nice hour and half nap and then played with Conner, ate dinner and had a bath with lots of splashing as evidenced above.

Three Things I Learned From Today

1.  Be thankful that the injury wasn't worse.
2.  Be thankful that we haven't had more injuries like these.
3.  Call my doctor tomorrow and get a prescription for valium for future instances like these because with two boys it's bound to happen again.

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  1. I'd just like to say that I am a big supporter of a Moms for Valium group.