Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missing Mamaw

It's funny the things you remember.  Today has been a month since my sweet Mamaw passed.  Conner and I had dentist appointments back in November while we were in California that we had to reschedule until their next available in March.  The dentist office called yesterday and had an opening this morning at 9 so I said sure we'll take it.  First of all, the boys were absolutely fabulous.  Conner is unlike any person, big or small, in regard to going to the dentist.  He wants to be the first to go and is so agreeable to all the procedures including x-rays.  Camren was very good in his stroller throughout the whole process of both our cleanings, x-rays and somewhat extended wait for the dentist.  The boys both got balloons to reward their good behavior. After I buckled the boys in the car and am getting in myself I remembered the last time we were at the dentist, where we parked and the fact that while we were there Mamaw had left me a message.  I called her back as we were leaving.  This was last May and we were preparing to go visit her after Sam passed.  It's amazing how easy you can fall into sadness and then it's back to reality when you pull into the garage and your 3 year old wants to floss his teeth.  Again.

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