Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

We were so blessed this year to have Donna come be with us at Thanksgiving in Florida.  Her birthday also happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year so we had a lot to celebrate.  We had some family time before Donna came then Donna was there for five days and Gary, Angela and Hank were there for Thanksgiving and the weekend afterwards.  We didmost of the usual stuff like eat, eat and eat some more! Andy and I had our usual date night at Pandora's Steak House.  This restaurant is very nice albeit a bit stuffy for my tastes.  I'd prefer some waiters that actually make you feel welcome rather than you're putting them out but I digress.  The food is always solid so that's why we go.  After dinner we saw "The Blind Side" which is truly inspirational and is smashing box office records even now.

We also made it to Another Broken Egg which has a new and improved (more seating, less waiting) location.  And this year since Hank was around we actually had breakfast at an early hour (Gary and Angela have adapted so well to parenting ;-)  Poor Hank was teething and NOT sleeping well so Angela and Gary, well OK mainly Angela didn't get much rest and it took them at least 12 hours to get home in the holiday traffic on Sunday.  Man I don't miss those days.  It's nice to have two boys that sleep well through the night even though Camren did get up at 6:15 everyday at the beach.  Who could blame him?  And since we've been home almost everyday Camren says "beach".  He really wants to go back!

Happy Birthday Donna!

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