Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When's the next flight outta here?

My husband is going on a business trip next week 3 days/2 nights. While I will relish some alone time to do endless reading, watch Lifetime and eating endless popcorn, the 12+ hours day shift with the children each day will be exhausting until I can plop in the bed and do NOTHING.  Don't get me wrong, I tolerate enjoy every moment of every day with my wee ones - even while listening to Kidz Bop over and over and over and over.  (I'm still waiting for someone to 'fess up to giving us that CD.)  But imagine if I had a business trip to go on - all by myself.  The thought!  We've taken a few (very few) trips without the boys and yes, I know what you're thinking, it's your own fault for not taking more.  But the truth is I don't really want to be without them all that often save for my weekly Pilates indulgence necessity and mommies night out ever now and then.  However sometimes I'm at a point where I am mentally, physically, whatever you want to call it exhausted and could just use a break.  So imagine if I said hey honey, next week I've got a mommy conference in Costa Rica (a girl can dream!) and I'll only be gone 3 days.  Anyway, not complaining just thinking out loud.  The possibilities...

If only I had read about this in the Mommy Manual, oh wait, that's right, there's no handbook for this journey.  That's a real shame 'cause I sure like to read directions.  Just ask my husband.

On the home front, we've had some very important business of listening to the new cats Riley and Snickers this morning to make sure they are still breathing.  I was pretty sure they still were since they were running at a pretty brisk pace before we finally captured them for their exam.  Here's a picture of the fun.  Thanks to step-grandma Shirley for the first aid kit.  The cats are especially enjoying it.

I just got a glimpse of the cats and it appears they have band-aids on them.  Well, of course they do says Conner, they just got their shots.  But now we need more band-aids for more shots.  Mommy the old band-aids have a lot of hair on them.  Really?  I can't imagine.

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  1. So glad I get to see ya on some of those mommy's night outs! I actually went on a business trip (to Tampa) a few months ago for one night. I didn't want to be away from the guys, but I must say it was a bit blissful! To get to actually read a magazine on the airplane. One night was about all I could take though. Lemme know if you need anything while you are bachin' it! (And maybe you can book a little minor mommy's retreat sometime) :)