Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have a five year old!

It's been a whirlwind last few days trying to make Conner's 5th birthday a memorable one. Donna flew in on Friday to help with Saturday's party.  We hosted 30-40 people at the house Saturday afternoon with the downstairs and garage set up with several games for the kids (and adults) to play.  I even included face painting and crafts so I felt like we had our own mini-carnival.  Melanie made an awesome train cake for Conner (complete with American flag per his request).  On Sunday we went to The Spaghetti Factory and to see Playhouse Disney Live! which was a totally last minute indulgence (by Mommy) for Conner.  Thanks to Angie and Hank for joining us even though Hank was scared to death.  Yesterday, on his actual birthday the whole family including Donna surprised Conner at preschool during lunchtime and we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner (side salad w/ranch dressing and fried okra, being his favorite).  Tonight we'll round out the birthday experience with a night downtown at SATCO and hockey.  Go Preds!

There have been numerous a few blog worthy stories to write about in the last week or so but having the brain capacity to remember them all time has been limited to sit at the computer for anything more than reading people.com work lately.  And yes, Kim, I love the strike through feature as well!

On the trolley car at The Spaghetti Factory
Cool train cake by Aunt Mel

 not really digging taking picture pre-party

enjoying the yummy cake - yes, that's a conductor's hat I'm wearing for my boy's party!

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