Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Kindergarten Graduation That Wasn't

We have a knack in our family for having a sickness during a major event.  Kindergarten graduation did not disappoint.  Camren had been sick on the Sunday prior to the Tuesday evening graduation but it was a quick fever with a little lethargy but not too much pomp and circumstance.  No, that was reserved for the actual graduate on graduation day.  After reading my friends Kim's blog then maybe I shouldn't feel so bad about our well planned graduation but I was a horrible, miserable mess.  So here goes...

Conner woke up not feeling well Tuesday morning.  He even had a very low grade 99 degree fever.  I gave him some Tylenol and said I'd pick him up prior to or at lunch but he needed to go for his final graduation practice and then he could rest all afternoon before the program.  This graduation is a little more elaborate than apparently others (ahem, Kim) with a 30 minute program (including surprises for the parents) performed by the students and a full cap, gown, sash & class ring ensemble as well as the diploma presentation.  Of course there are only 3 students in his class so even if it weren't for my extreme desire to see him perform in this program that he has literally practiced all year for some of it then it was also quite a disappointment for his classmates for him not to participate.  Now back to the story...

I was about to head to school when I got the call.  Conner was not feeling well and was in fact worse.  By the time I got there he was in tears and burning up.  So we went home for more Tylenol/Motrin and hopes that a nice long nap would cure his ailments.  I called the nurse to see if there was a compelling enough reason to bring him in for an antibiotic shot to get him through the evening but since Camren's illness on Sunday had been short lived we both assumed it was a virus.  Then on the way home Conner vomited.  After that Conner did nap and did feel better for a while so we all proceeded to get ready.  And then he vomited again about an hour before he had to be at school.  Oh, did I mention he also had chills.  Yeah that too.  Things were not looking good but it was time for more medicine and I was hoping he could at least go and walk down to get his diploma.  He mustered up the energy to do that and we got to school in time (well, after they held up the end of graduation for 15 minutes) and put his cap and gown on over his suit and tie and he wouldn't do it.  He was afraid he night throw up going down the aisle.  So that was it.  We sat in the back while Andy accepted his diploma and I cried the whole time.

It seems ridiculous as I recount it.  It was just a small moment in time.  But to us that had spent months planning this event it was devastating.

At least I got some pictures of him and his two classmates in their caps and gowns.

The next morning he was feeling some better but still running fever.  Since we were also leaving for vacation that morning we made an unscheduled visit to the doctor and of course he had strep throat.  Or at least we think so even though his quick test was negative but Camren's was positive.  So two shots of antibiotics later (one for each boy) and we boarded a plane to Florida.  I'd like to say that's the rest of the story but we had to make a connecting flight in sunny Orlando but due to weather in the midwest we had an eventual 7+ hour delay.  So I did what any other mother with a credit card might do.  I rented a car, two car seats and drove our little sick, happy family down 3 hours and 15 minutes to Ft. Myers.  Best decision I've ever made.  Well, at least this week.  Especially compared to coercing my child to kindergarten graduation for naught.
Conner and Ms. McFarland

Andy and Conner

Ani, Conner and Emma Grace

Camren being too cute!

If Conner had performed he would've been the "candy man" in one of the numbers.

Note the streaks of tears in my makeup on the right side of my face!

Beautiful silhouette by one of the moms at school.

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