Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rink in the Garage

Santa got Conner some roller skates for Christmas that didn't fit too well. So since Santa has an arrangement with Toys R Us I was able to return them and buy Conner a pair of roller blades instead.  I made time to do that this week and was so glad I finally got around to it.

Last night we turned my bay in the garage into a roller rink.  Conner was quite impressive for his first time on skates much to Andy's chagrin.  He really thought he was going to fall and hurt something and I'm sure he will eventually but that's the risk you take as you watch your children grow.  I say chagrin not because he wants him to get hurt but because he thinks I get him involved with things that are not age appropriate when in fact it's just time for him to take the next step or skate, as it may be.  Or now that I think about it maybe it's because he doesn't want to lace up the roller blades for him everyday!  Anyway, I am just thrilled with his pure joy over such simple things like skating in the garage. He is a boy after my own heart because as we were skating (I needed roller blades too, thank you Santa) he said "Mommy we need some music!"  I turned on Andy's garage boom box and it took me back to 5th grade and my days at the Hickory Hollow (or sometimes Brentwood) skating rink.  I really enjoyed going to "skate parties" after school and now I can share that with Conner.

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  1. What a daredevil! He'll be racing around the neighborhood before you know it - what a big boy!